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J-1 Trainee and Intern Visas

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Out of the 15 exchange visitor programs available under the J-1 visa category, the Trainee and the Intern programs are the most sought after. The J-1 Trainee visa is for applicants who have undergraduate (associate/baccalaureate), professional (medical, law, etc.), or graduate (master’s/doctoral) degrees. This visa allows a maximum stay of 18 months for participation in any structured, professional program. Examples of a structured, professional program include agriculture, forestry, fishing, arts, culture, and health-related occupations.

The J-1 Intern visa is for students who have completed secondary education outside the US and are eligible to participate in an internship program in their respective fields of study. This visa allows for a maximum stay of 12 months. Students who have graduated within 12 months of starting the program are also eligible to apply under this category.

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