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Visa Ban Reaches Non-Immigrants Due To Trump Administration’s New Declaration

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For the rest of 2020, the Trump Administration has declared it would ban green cards that are issued to workers outside the U.S. A lot of temporary work visas will also be halted for the moment. The coronavirus pandemic has been stated as a major reason for this decision as the administration aims to free up the jobs that have been taken by non-Immigrants and hopes to have the roles filled by American workers. The restrictions are supposed to come into effect from the 24th of June.

For now, foreign workers who are part of the food supply chain are exempted, as are professors who teach in colleges and universities.

The freeze heavily affects technology companies that hire immigrants with H-1B visas. Exchange students use J-1 visas while multinational corporations have managers who use L-1 visas who were all affected.

While the ban is a temporary measure, it gives the Trump administration real power over the Immigration law that it didn’t have before. It should also be noted that this is all part of long-term measures to prevent immigrants from getting work permits. The plan is that the visas for high tech workers would also be given through a different medium.

Big companies have been vehemently protesting the changes in vain. This counts as a victory for people who don’t take to immigrants or foreign workers kindly.

How Did The Tech Companies React To It?

The companies would be the most affected by this decision of banning visas for non-immigrants in the U.S. As such, the reaction was quite negative and has seen tech trade groups and large corporations like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon protest against it.

Intel claims that the U.S simply does not have enough highly trained engineers and scientists to maintain its global position in the industry as does the rest of the world, who can do wonders with their training through advanced degree programs from the U.S.

Amazon also pointed out that by trying to ban the entry of professionals who are highly skilled in their respective fields, America won’t be able to compete with the rest of the world.

Google also points out the same thing, America’s success is largely due to the access American companies have to the talents from all over the world. Limiting this access during a pandemic of all times appears to be an ill-advised move.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it’s easy to see that American workers who lost their job due to the pandemic have nothing to do with non-immigrants working in high positions. It is very unlikely that suddenly freeing up the job sector that was occupied by visa employees would give Americans who have lost their jobs the opportunity to take up those positions.