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Family law matters can be physically, mentally, and emotionally tough to navigate, especially when they involve personal and sensitive topics amidst a complex legal system. At the Law Offices of Joyce Komanapalli Jones, we seek to provide attentive and personalized representation as we work one-on-one with you to build a strong and compassionate case protecting you and your child’s best interests. From divorce to child custody to visitation, you can trust our firm to handle your family law case with professional skill and attention.

Filing for Divorce

To file for divorce in California, at least one spouse must be a resident of the state for 6 months. Additionally, California is a “no-fault” divorce state, so divorcing spouses only need to cite irreconcilable differences have caused an irrevocable breakdown of their marriage.

To file for divorce, the petitioning spouse needs to fill out the following forms:

  • The Petition – Marriage/Domestic Partnership giving the court basic information about the marriage and/or domestic partnership and asking for the orders they want the court to make.
  • The Summons – contains important information for the other partner about the divorce process and standard restraining orders limiting what they can do with their property, money, children, and other assets or debts.

The petitioning spouse must inform the spouse they seek to divorce that they have started the legal process for separation by “serving” them with copies of their court papers. Be aware that the judge cannot make any orders or judgments in the divorce case until the spouse has been properly served. The subsequent steps in the divorce process will depend on whether the spouse responds to the petition. Visit our page on Divorce to learn more about the filing process and required forms.

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Child Custody Options

Following divorce, an important topic of negotiation for couples with shared children is child custody. California offers the options of legal custody and physical custody, where legal custody regards to decision-making authority for the child on matters like healthcare and education, and physical custody refers to who the child resides with.

To determine a custody order, the judge will base their decision according to the “best interests of the child,” which includes factors like:

  • the child’s age;
  • the child’s health;
  • the emotional ties between the parents and the child;
  • the ability of the parents to care for the child;
  • any history of family violence or substance abuse; and
  • the child’s ties to school, home, and their community.

Parents can make their own agreements without the court’s influence, though the final agreement must be approved by the court. If the parents cannot agree on their own, though, the judge may order the couple to mediation with a mediator from Family Court Services. If the parents cannot agree in mediation, they will then go to court for the judge to make the final custody and visitation decision. So, if parents do not wish to default to a court decision, they should attempt to reach an agreement on their own or in mediation, and an attorney can better help facilitate this process.

Visitation Arrangements

Visitation agreements are often part of child custody orders. Visitation, also called “time-share,” addresses how the parent who has the child less than half of the time is allowed to spend time with their child. Like custody decisions, visitation orders will vary depending on the best interests of the child and the situation of the parents.

There are a few different forms of visitation available to parents. Scheduled visitation details the dates and times that the child will be with each parent, and schedules can include holidays, special occasions (e.g., birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day), and school vacations. Reasonable visitation is more open-ended and allows the parents to decide parenting time between themselves. This type of plan works best for parents who get along well and can be flexible and communicate well with each other.

Supervised visitation may be ordered when the child’s safety and well-being require that visits with the other parent be supervised by a third party, either due to a strained relationship between the child and the parent or unfamiliarity between the two. It is possible a court can order no visitation if it, even when supervised, would be physically or emotionally harmful to the child.

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If you have legal concerns about a family law matter in Costa Mesa, California, reach out to an experienced family lawyer immediately for legal support. Attorney Joyce Komanapalli Jones is a compassionate and understanding legal professional who can better help you navigate your family issue, whether you seek to file for divorce, negotiate custody, or discuss a visitation arrangement.

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