Conservatorships in Costa Mesa

Limited Conservatorships for Young Adults with Special Needs

A limited conservatorship gives an adult the right and responsibility to care for another adult with a developmental disability. At the Law Offices of Joyce Komanapalli Jones in Costa Mesa, our experienced attorney is committed to assisting clients with this process. You can rely on us to provide the exceptional legal advice you need.

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What is a Limited Conservatorship?

The rights that a conservator is granted can vary greatly. Given that developmentally disabled individuals have the ability to do many things without assistance, a judge will usually grant limited powers to a conservator.

Conservators may:

  • Sign a contract for the developmentally disabled adult
  • Decide where the developmentally disabled adult will live, but not in a locked facility
  • Manage the developmentally disabled adult’s financial affairs
  • Look over the developmentally disabled adult’s confidential papers and records
  • Withhold or give consent for most of the developmentally disabled adult’s medical treatment, excluding sterilization and a few other procedures
  • Control the developmentally disabled adult’s relationships and sexual and social contacts
  • Put the developmentally disabled adult in a state hospital or withhold or give consent to their marriage
  • Make decisions regarding the developmentally disabled adult’s vocational training and education

Although it is possible for a conservator to have authority over a developmentally disabled adult’s social and sexual life, this is not typical, and generally only granted when the person is in danger because of the sexual and social choices they make.

Who Can File for a Limited Conservatorship?

Any responsible adult can serve as a conservator, though this role is usually fulfilled by siblings or parents. Additionally, there can be more than one limited conservator and it is often recommended to have at least one parent and a sibling or other relative to serve as co-limited conservators. If one conservator dies, the developmentally disabled adult will have another to depend on.

A limited conservatorship lasts until the developmentally disabled adult dies or until the court says it should end.

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