• She's extremely knowledgeable and quick

    Absolutely the most helpful and knowledgeable about family law!. Did everything I asked of her and more. Worked with me to get the best outcome on everything involved. Great custody agreement. Mrs. Joyce allowed me to get out of a bad marriage on my terms. She guided me through every step of the process. I never once felt defeated or confused. I'd give her more stars if possible. She's extremely knowledgeable and quick. She knows what she's talking about. I never had to wait around for an answer. I'd recommend Mrs Joyce to anyone needing expert representation.

    - Mahmud N.

  • She goes the extra mile
    Joyce is an experienced litigator with a depth of knowledge and sincere compassion for her clients. She goes the extra mile to get the best outcome for her clients. I endorse her.

    - Nina K.

  • A smart, talented, experienced attorney.
    Joyce and I were law partners for over ten years. I know her well. She is a smart, talented, experienced attorney who could handle all manner of cases, though her primary focus and passion has been immigration law. I highly recommend her to you, regardless of the complexity of your case. She will untangle it and get you the best results possible. Yes, I endorse this lawyer.

    - Mark M.

  • Very smart, brilliant & knows the law.
    I hired attorney Joyce because she is highly recommended and she is very smart, brilliant and she knows the law. She also makes sure that her clients received the best possible outcome. She is very kind, she cares about her client's welfare and I was very satisfied with her service.

    - Ethel M.

  • Joyce is a very professional & caring lawyer.

    Joyce is a very professional and caring lawyer. My situation with another party was being settled out of court and Joyce was helping lead me through the process with her negotiations. When the other party did a complete turnabout, Joyce seamlessly switched modes and was by my side in court helping me to an outcome that was both satisfying and in my favor. She made certain I was informed and comfortable with every aspect of negotiations and settlement. I highly recommend her.

    - Stacia T.

  • She is passionate about what she does!

    Joyce is an awesome attorney. I used her for many years. She is passionate about what she does. She is caring, helpful, resourceful, a hard worker, dedicated, and she put a lot of time and energy into my case.

    - Gabriel B.

  • Helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life.
    I was going through a legal matter and had absolutely no idea how to handle it. I reached out to several people for help/referrals and one of the names that was given to me was Joyce Komanapalli. I called her for a consultation and instantly felt comfortable with my situation being handled by her. Joyce had answers for the questions which I posed to her and when she didn't, rest assured she got back to me within 24 hours. Not only did I find Joyce to be well-spoken and educated in the law, but she was also a very good listener and responder. If I didn't understand a legal document or its purpose, she would always take the time to make certain I was familiar with its content so I could make the best possible decision in my case. She is a caring individual who wants to make sure her client is always prepared and taken care of in almost every legal situation. With her legal expertise and caring demeanor, Joyce helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life and got results that worked in my favor. Without a doubt, I can wholeheartedly recommend Joyce Komanapalli.

    - Fred M.

  • Highly professional, thorough & a great communicator.
    Joyce Komanapalli helped my wife and I through our immigration process. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the immigration field, but she's also highly professional, thorough, and a great communicator. The entire process and all the paperwork were explained very well. Our options were valued, and doubts were always reassured. Besides being an outstanding professional, she also has a very nice personality. Our experience with Joyce was excellent and we highly recommend using her services if you need help with your immigration process.

    - Waqas A.

  • Knows how to win & get things done right.
    I had the privilege of having attorney Joyce Komanapalli represent my family and me as a client and I highly recommend her. Ms. Joyce is an exceptional litigator and true professional. Throughout the entire legal process, I found attorney Komanapalli to be very knowledgeable in the law, to effectively negotiate with the opposition, and kept me informed at all stages of the case. It was clear from the beginning that Ms. Komanapalli was fully dedicated to my case and it was because of her commitment, intelligence, education, experience, and dedication that won my case. Thanks to Joyce and her team, the judge awarded me and my family millions of dollars that we were entitled to. We are extremely happy with the results. If you are looking for an attorney who knows how to win and get things done right for you, I would recommend you call and speak with attorney Joyce Komanapalli.

    - Quenton T.

  • She is great, honest & really looks out for her clients

    She is great, honest, and really looks out for her clients! I wish that I would have found her sooner. She and her partner were the only ones who believed in us. Her faith in us gave us the uplifting boost needed to keep our hopes going.

    - Destiny S.

  • When your chips are down, Joyce Komanapalli is there.

    When your chips are down, Joyce Komanapalli is there. My divorce was across the country in a different state. Ms. Komanapalli flew across the country, obtained a Pro Hoc Vice from the court, and represented me. She represented me with vigor, ruthlessness, and like a pit viper. Just the right concoction for the job.

    - Daniel P.

  • Grateful for Joyce's time and effort on our behalf.
    Our experience with Ms. Joyce Komanapalli Jones has been the most positive. We have received clear answers to our concerns and were presented in a professional as well as congenial manner for our immigration petition. We are really grateful for Joyce's time and effort on our behalf.

    - Dr. & Mrs. H

  • I love being her client and would choose her again.
    Joyce is an awesome attorney and won my case for me. I referred a friend to her and she helped them win their case as well. Joyce is very committed to what she does and she is the type of attorney that checks in on you to make sure you are ok in and out of court. I love being her client and would choose her again.

    - Rose S.

  • Always available and made things as easy!
    My husband and I would like to thank Joyce Komanapalli for everything she has done for us. My husband and I were up against some very tough odds with our case and she was able to help us through it all. She was always available and made things as easy as she possibly could. We would highly recommend her for your needs.

    - Jason & Katherine T.

  • Joyce has it all!
    The term ' Lawyer' has been replaced by this 'complete person', named Joyce! I call her complete because she is a patient listener, the one who listens well can act appropriately. She knows how to act for all the WH questions; when to act, where, what, with whom, and why. She provides emotional and moral support as it's just not about winning the case but it's about how 'at peace' her clients are during the process. She has a strong knowledge base, is approachable, trustworthy. Well does anyone need more, maybe I missed to mention but Joyce has it all!

    - Moulya

  • A superb experience all around.
    It was a delight to know that there are still attorneys out there that look out for individuals rather than $$$. This firm really listened and welcomed me and got me results that I was even expecting. I wholeheartedly thank Joyce for believing in my case. I will refer her to anyone I know. A superb experience all around. Approachable, extremely competent, great back and forth communication about my case, always answered all my questions, a true class act, and the best possible outcome. This is the most decent, honest, and trustworthy law office I've ever seen. Joyce is always on the ball when it came to mediating and providing information involved with my case. She always considered my best interests and what might hinder the case. Never misled me, never played games, always very straightforward and considerate. Took my case and always put my health and wellbeing on the top of the list. It was more important than anything else. That's something you don't find with lawyers nowadays. I would recommend Joyce and her firm's services, costs, and overall skill to anyone needing legal representation. I felt like she was my friend. That's very comforting and gratifying. Thank you for making the whole process smooth, timely, and overall genuinely low stress. Truly appreciated, highly recommend this office.

    - Julian S.